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Writing a dissertation can be simple. No hustle or late nights required. No endless reading or note taking required. Just results. If you’re new to this dissertation game, stuck somewhere in the middle, or just trying to find one F to give to finish this dissertation, then you are in the right place!

It's not about being a good writer or knowing every little detail that has been written about your topic. It's about knowing that you have what it takes to write your dissertation. You're just missing a few steps to get you there.



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By The End Of This Program, You Will Have

Just imagine showing up every day to your favorite writing spot, opening your laptop and writing with ease. We show you how to get in the zone so that words will just flow from your fingertips onto the page with ease. 

A Consistent Writing Practice

We know you have things to do and people to see! We help you to complete your dissertation related tasks in 10 hours or less a week so you can have more time to be with your people.

More Time To Do Hoodrat Things

Ever thought to yourself, "If someone would just tell me what to do, I could start?" We got you! We help you design your own personalized action plan so you know exactly what you need to do to write and defend your dissertation.

A Detailed Action Plan

We are not your traditional professors talking at you with million dollar words. We are the dopest community around, ready to hold you down when you need it. We are also not too shy to snatch an edge or two.

Unmatched Support and Accountability

We want you to have the energy of Beyoncé headlining at Coachella as you're walking into your dissertation defense. We are here to break down complicated research concepts so you can feel confident to answer any question thrown at you. Yes...even questions from that one committee member who always gotta make things difficult.

A Successfully Defended Dissertation

What’s Inside of The Finish Your Dissertation program

We provide you with step-by-step instructions for how to complete each chapter of the dissertation. We provide you with video instruction, detailed worksheets, and action plans that you can implement right away.

Start Your Dissertation (Chapter 1) Course
30 Day Literature Review Course
Finish Your Methods Chapter
Finish Your Findings Chapter
Finish Your Discussion Chapter

Detailed Videos + Guides

(2) weekly writing sessions where clients write in community with other scholars who are at the same point of the dissertation. Calls take place every Sunday and Wednesday, 7 PM - 9 PM EST.

Write Away

You can always come into the writing space in between formal meeting times. There are always scholars available to write with you when you need extra support.

Write Away After Dark

We host weekly writing sessions that hold you accountable for showing up every week to write your dissertation. Additionally, you can receive unlimited feedback on all of your writing.

Dedicated Writing Time + Unlimited Feedback

You don't have to write your dissertation in isolation. We provide an environment where you can have dedicated writing time and receive feedback on that writing.

Writing Support

You are able to submit your writing for feedback. One of our trusted coaches will look over your writing and tell you what's working well, points to consider adding, and if your document is likely to get approved by your advisor.

Writing Feedback

We provide coaching on the weekly calls where you can ask your specific questions that will be answered by one of our amazing coaches who have all graduated from their doctoral programs.

Get Your Questions Answered

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A 30-Day planning guide that will help you stay on track with your dissertation timeline, achieve clear goals, and help you manage your time every week so you can finish your dissertation related tasks in 10 hours or less. (A $100 Value)

Bonus 1

plan your dissertation guide

You get discounted access to our annual Write Your Dissertation Live Event where we provide you with extra support and guidance for writing the dissertation. Event will take place in July 2022. (A $200 Value)

Bonus 2

Write Your Dissertation Live Event

We know you want to be a consultant and start your business but you think you have to finish the dissertation first. We created a 10-step guide to get you started so you can sign your first 3 clients in 90-days or less. (A $300)

Bonus 3

Start Your Business guide

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How much is second-guessing costing you? How many dissertation credit hours have you paid for without getting closer to even finishing the proposal? Save yourself time, energy, and money. The investment is either one payment of $2500 or (10) payments of $250.

This program is the best fit for those students completing a qualitative dissertation. However, we have many students who are working on quantitative/mixed-methods projects because they find great value in the community, support, and accountability.

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